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We urge you to take the opportunity to study abroad during the third year of your Bachelor in Biology.

Following courses in another university for one or two semesters, whatever destination you choose, it will always be a rewarding experience!

Visit our Guide (in french only) for Applications Management for mobility and valuable tips for writing cover letters or recommendation from teachers.

Studying elsewhere in Switzerland

Students can do an exchange of one or two semesters in another university in Switzerland. All universities in Switzerland participate in this programme.

For a mobility stay in Switzerland the application deadlines are :

  • April 1 for an exchange beginning the following Autumn semester;
  • October 15 for an exchange beginning the following Spring semester


General informations on studies in Switzerland

Studying abroad

There are three types of agreements allowing students to do an exchange stay abroad:

Types of agreements



SEMP agreements

(Swiss-European Mobility Programme)

Similar conditions to ex-Erasmus

In a European country

Faculty agreements

For students of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine

In a university of an other continent or a european

General agreements

For students of the University of Lausanne

In a university of an other continent or a european


The procedure to accees to one of these exchange possibilities is given on the website of "International exchange for the UNIL community".



Internship abroad

There are two possibilities to do an internship abroad: Internship SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Program that replaces the Erasmus internship program) or internships independent.

Registration to an exchange programme

Studying abroad: Mobility OUT


1. What are the agreements between UNIL and other universities?

-> See this link

2. Choose your destination : a complete and up-to-date list of the partner universities, please consult the website Relations internationales.

3. Discuss your plans with the greatest possible number of instructors within the Faculty of Biology and Medicine. Each of them will be able to aid you, according to their scientific speciality and their possible relationships with one or another university.

4. Make a 1st and a 2nd choice of host universities

A. Prepare a list of courses and corresponding ECTS credits for each of your chosen destinations

B. Write a letter of motivation

C. Contact the School of Biology

5. After an interview with the Mobility Referent

-> modifications or not in the study programme, the student and the Mobility Referent sign the learning agreement

6. Submission to the concerned authority (different form depending on the type of agreement)

Application deadlines

The deadlines vary depending on the type of institutional accord. It is therefore important to consult the information made available in the International Relations database.

Warning ! The course plan must be approved by the Mobility Referent of the School of Biology at the latest a week before the submission of applications.

Assistance and insurance while abroad
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Mobility Referents


Prof. Manuel Mameli
DNF, Rue du Bugnon 9

1005 Lausanne



DrSc. Marie-Paule Charnay
Bâtiment Amphipôle, Bureau 310
1015 Lausanne

Contact :


AmphipĂ´le - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 40 10
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