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For ad hoc bookings you can contact :

  • For the auditories of  the Amphimax, Amphipôle,  Biophore or Génopode
  • For the TP rooms of Amphipôle and classrooms of the Biophore
  • For the rooms located at the CHUV
  • Contact the departments directly for rooms belonging to a department

The teaching rooms provided for in the study plan are booked by Jacqueline Noto - 021 692 40 13

Opening rooms

The auditoriums and classrooms are opened by the buildings caretaker according to recorded bookings. For the contact information of the Unibat central, click here. For the contact information for each building, click here.

For the classrooms at the Biophore and the practical work rooms at the Amphipole, the keys can be borrowed from Jennifer von Schinkel (021 692 40 15).

Access to audiovisual equipment (Dorigny only)

To access the audiovisual equipment in the rooms, you must obtain the audiovisual key (14.0). It is available at the Unicom reception desk from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at the Amphimax, tel +41 21 692 22 80

  • Members of the UNIL community (students, professors, PAT, etc) => no deposit, only a form to sign
  • Outsiders (professors from other universities, technicians, etc) => form + deposit CHF 100.00


In the event of a technical problem (Dorigny campus)

Olivier Grosjean (021 692 22 88) from Unicom is the person responsible for technical support in the auditoriums of the Amphipôle.

Enrico Perricone (021 692 22 90) from Unicom is the person responsible for technical support in the auditoriums of the Amphimax, the Biophore and the Genopode.

Marco Zini (021 692 42 45 or 021 692 41 66) is the person responsible for TP rooms in the Amphipôle.

Julien Gianotti (021 692 41 71) is the person responsible for computer rooms and the classrooms in the Amphipôle and the Biophore.

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