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Candidates for the Bachelor or Master may register in until the 30th of April of every academic year for entrance in the autumn semester.

Warning! Our curricula cannot be initiated in the Spring semester.

Warning! The candidates who are subject to obtaining a visa to study in Switzerland must submit their registration request at least two months before the aforementioned general deadlines.

Online enrolment : here.

Criteria for admission : here.

Informations about part-time Master: here.

All information on requirements and procedures for registration at the University of Lausanne are available at the Service des Immatriculations et Inscriptions


Admission into the Bachelor curriculum

To be eligible for enrollment at the School of Biology, the candidate must be registered at the University of Lausanne and hold a Swiss Maturité Fédérale diploma or other degree (e.g. foreign) enabling such registration.

The cases of (i) host students, (ii) students participating in a mobility programme or (iii) students registered in another university, following a course that is recognized by the other university at the School of Biology, are excepted.

Applicants for admission that do not hold a Maturité certificate and are over 25 years old may be admitted adhoc if they meet the registration requirements set by the University.

Admission to the Bachelor curriculum on the Basis of an examination

Admission on the basis of an examination is reserved for people who do not have a qualification that matches those required for registration at the University of Lausanne.

Registration to the admission exam should be done by completing the following form where all required documents and deadlines are mentioned (in french only).

Please find more information about the admission on the basis of an examination in the School of Biology Admission Regulation (in french only).

Deadline for deposit: see date on the form

Warning! In parallel to their admission registration, candidates must request their immatricualtion to the University of Lausanne.

Deadline for registration to UNIL: April 30

More information :

Admission to the Bachelor curriculum on the basis of prior academic experience

Applicants submit a complete file of academic qualifications to the Service des immatriculations et inscriptions.

Application files of candidates who do not hold a Maturité certificate and are over 25 are evaluated by the Admissions Committee (the School Director, who chairs the committee, two school instructors and a representative of the Service d’orientation et carrières of the University of Lausanne).

After an analysis and evaluation of the completed file, the Admissions Committee selects candidates for an interview.
The Admission Committee aims to check the motives, acquired knowledge and professional experience relevant to the choice of study, as well as the soundness of their choice.

Following the interview, the School Director provides a written reasoned decision of acceptance or denial of admission to the candidate, and the procedures and deadlines for appeals are prescribed by university regulations.

In case of acceptance, the School Director specifies the duration of the validity of the decision.

A copy of the decision and the minutes of the interview is delivered to the Service des immatriculations et inscriptions for the appropriate follow through on the decision.

Application deadline: February 28

Admission in the academic Master's

The admission requirements for the three Masters are contained in the study regulations of each Master in Biology.

Please visit our Master page.

Admission as an auditor

Anyone over 18 years old can follow courses at the University of Lausanne as an auditor by registering at the Service des immatriculations et inscriptions by the time the courses begin.


The registration fee for a semester is CHF 150 and auditors do not receive any student card nor certificates of registration.

If you wish to register in a course of the School of Biology as an auditor, you must inform the School by email ( as to which courses you would like to follow so that we can verify that this request does not pose any problems. Following this, you must send us the auditor registration form and a copy of the receipt of fee payment.

All requirements for registration as an auditor.

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