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What is it?

MyUNIL is a personalised virtual office, offering a single access to different sources of information and services, and enabling interaction with others.


SylviaAcad is a database used for managing timetables and student files within the School of Biology.

The SylviaAcad database is then exported to UNIDOC (widely accessible) or to MyUNIL (restricted access) depending on the type of information.

What can I do with it?

Administrative File

Consult your Campus Card

Update your personal data

Get your payslips


Consult your class times


Upload your course material

Consult your colleagues' course material

UNIL Directory

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Need some help?

Connect to MyUNIL and go to the Aide (Help) section, to the upper right.



Options are grouped under the heading "Enseignants" (Teaching Staff)


Consult your own class times

Consult the times of exams you are responsible for


Update your course descriptions

Consult your student numbers and collect student emails

Search classes using various criteria (teacher, level, etc.)


Propose a First-step or Master's research project

Submitting and consulting electronic course supports


MyUnil is the privileged place in which course documents should be submitted in order to store all the documents in one central location and to link their access with the other data concerning this course such as schedules and the description imported from SylviaAcad. 

Procedure for submitting course materials (PDF)

The main instructions for submitting course documents on MyUnil are as follows:

- clearly name and date the documents submitted
- submit the documents sufficiently in advance (at least 2 days prior to the course) so that students will have time to print them off
- indicate to students whether they need to print the documents personally or if they will be provided by the teacher

You will find other instructions concerning the content and format of the course materials and lesson materials in the Teacher's Handbook in sections 4.2 and 4.3.

If you wish to acquire new tools or learn about new technologies related to education, such as Moodle, e-learning or Uniboard, you can consult the RISET website or contact our pedagogical engineer, Marc Sohrmann.

Accessing other teachers' electronic documents

This feature enables teachers and students to access all the course materials from the School of Biology courses submitted to myUnil. This is primarily intended to improve coordination between courses, and to facilitate preparing new courses and knowing what has been taught in the courses of previous years or those with shared topics.

How to access this new feature is indicated in this procedure : Course materials consultation procedure (PDF)

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For teachers outside of the UNIL network


Connect to the UNIL network  via son VPN Pulse Secure,

to have access to SylviaAcad


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