Current students

Current PhD students in Information Systems

Name Department Keywords
AJALLOEIAN Ahmad Information systems
BADULESCU Yvonne Information Systems Newsvendor Problem, Big Data, Judgmental Information, Demand Forecasting
BASSO Gianluca Information Systems Projective Fraïssé Limit, Quotient, Pseudo-Arc
BERNARD Gaël Information Systems Customer Journeys, Process Mining, Sequence Mining
BONNER Manus Information systems
DIALLO Alpha Mamadou Information systems
EL ZEIN Yamane Information Systems
FADLER Martin Information Systems Big Data, Analytics, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data-Driven Enterprise, Transformation, Dynamic Capability
GECER Melike Information systems
IHO Satu Information Systems IT governance in a digital transformation context, IT ambidexterity
KOTILAINEN Kirsi Information Systems Energy Prosumers, Energy Transition, Energy Policy, Renewable Energy Technology
KRASIKOV Pavel Information Systems Use of Open Data in Business Environments, Semantic Web, Data Management, Data Sharing and Data Platforms, Data-Driven Entreprises
KREJCI Désirée Information Systems Cross-Boundary Teamwork, Common Ground, Psychological Safety, Visual Thinking
LABADIE Clément Information Systems Data Protection, Regulatory Compliance Management, Data Management Capabilities
Mc CORMICK Mark Information Systems Bioprocess Control, Transcriptomics, Torrefaction, Chemometrics, Environmental Biotechnology
NAOUS Dana Information Systems Cloud Service Design, Requirements Engineering, Software Product Management, Conjoint Analysis
PAATELA Antti Information Systems Online Investing Systems
RODRIGUES Lucas Information Systems Human-Computer Interaction, Persuasive Computing, Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Psychology
SILACCI Alessandro Information systems
TAGASOVSKA Natasa Information Systems Causal Discovery, Copula Modeling
TYLER James Information Systems Persuasive Technology and Human-Computer Interaction, Assistive Technologies, Artificial Agency/Intelligence, Affective Robotics
VILLALOBOS ZUÑIGA Gabriela Information Systems Human Computer Interaction, Persuasive Technology, Behavior Change
VUILLEUMIER Louis Information Systems Descriptive set theory, Quasi-Polish spaces, Wadge's theory
WANNER Bastien Information Systems Cyber Defence, Cyber Operation, Actives Measures, Critical Infrastructures Protection
WEISS Jordi Information Systems Heuristics and Biases, Supply Chain Offshoring, Strategic Decision Support, Simulations
ZUFFEREY Noé Information systems Information Security and Privacy, Privacy Protection, Lifestyle Tracking Devices
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