Zhargalma Dandarova Robert



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Affiliated senior researcher

Psychology of religion

Institute for Social Sciences of Religions (ISSR)

office : Anthropole 5074
email : Zhargalma.Dandarova<at>unil.ch

Areas of specialization:
Representations of gods in children
Religion/sprituality and mental health
Religious conversion
Psychology of personnality


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In 2013 Zhargalma Dandarova Robert joined ISSRC as the first assistant on Psychology of Religion. Currently she is working on two research projects:

Zhargalma Dandarova received her PhD in psychology (1999) from the State University of St. Petersburg (Russia). From 2000 to 2002 she was senior lecture at the faculty of psychology of this university. In 2002 she has been appointed as Associate Professor (2002-2010). She has taught general psychology and psychology of personality.
In 2003 she received Swiss Federal Government Scholarship for foreign researchers. It gave her an opportunity to study and to receive the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Comparative Religion at the University of Lausanne (2003/2004). The following years, while working at the State University of St. Petersburg, Zhargalma Dandarova continued scientific collaboration with Professor Pierre-Yves Brandt and the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Lausanne. She was Visiting Professor at this faculty in 2010-2011 and taught the course of Psychology of religion for Master degree.

Zhargalma Dandarova Robert is a member of the Swiss Association for the Psychology of Religion (ASPsyRel) and of the International Association for the Psychology of Religion (IAPR).