Service Level Agreement (SLA): endpoint backup

This page is a translation of the French version of the service level agreement. The French version is authoritative.

Version Date Comment
1.0 20.03.2018 First version
1.1 04.04.2018

Update section "2. Beneficiaries", opening the service for PHD students without contract and to SIB staff

1.2 10.04.2018 Update section "3. Validity"
Update section "10. Pricing"


1. Service description
  • The Centre informatique (hereafter Ci) offers UNIL staff a endpoint data backup service for personal computers (professionnal use) 
  • The solution provided by Ci is called "Code42 Crashplan Enterprise" from Code42 (Crashplan software)
  • The license with the provider allows a service user to backup up to 4 devices
2. Beneficiaries

Access to Crashplan is provided to  :

  • academic, administrative and technical staff under contract with the UNIL
  • PHD students of the UNIL
  • members of some of the UNIL partner institutions (BCUL, FJME, FORS, ISDC, IUKB, SIB)
3. Validity
  • Access to the service is automatically blocked the day after the end date of the service contract or the end date of studies of the user of the service
4. Responsabilities
  • The service user ensures that the Crashplan software regularly backs up the selected data
  • The service user makes sure his data is not corrupted before it is backed up
  • The service user modifies the data selection to be saved if necessary or if desired
  • The Ci ensures the maintenance of the Crashplan solution and the communication surrounding the service
5. Confidentiality
  • The servers receiving data are bought by Ci
  • The servers are installed on the UNIL campus
  • Servers are managed by Ci staff
  • Service administrators do not have access to user data
  • If necessary and on request for support from a service user, temporary access to the applicant's data may be given to a service administrator.
6. Backup frequency and data retention
  • Data backup is triggered every 15 minutes
  • Retention of data on backup servers is as follows:
    • Last 7 days: 1 version per hour
    • Last 90 days: 1 version per day
    • beyond: 1 version per year
  • Data deleted by the user can be retrieved up to 90 days after deletion, provided it has been saved at least once
  • A device that has not been connected to the service for more than 5 months is considered obsolete and will be deactivated automatically. Notice is sent to the device-related user 7 days before the deactivation
7. Quota
  • A 100 GB quota is set by default for any new service user
  • A quota increase is possible, in steps of 100 GB. The maximum quota is set to 500 GB
8. Reliability
  • Loss of a backup storage server involves loss of data stored on it
  • Without hardware constraint, the recovery of a failing storage server should not exceed 4 business days
9. Availability
  • The Ci reserves the right to interrupt the service for maintenance reasons
  • The backup of a user station is subject to the approval of Ci and this right can be revoked if an abuse is found
  • The Ci reserves the right at any time to adapt access conditions, protected files and protection rules (retention period, number of versions, directories and secure files).
  • Users of the service will be notified if such changes are to take place.
10. Pricing
  • The service is free of charge for staff under contract with the UNIL and PhD students of the UNIL
  • The service may be charged for external partners having a service agreement with the UNIL. The price can be requested via a request to our help desk
11. Support
Amphimax  -  CH-1015 Lausanne
Tél. +41 21 692 22 11
Fax +41 21 692 22 05