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Quansah DY, Gilbert L, Gross J, Horsch A*, Puder JJ* Intuitive eating is associated with improved health indicators at 1-year    postpartum in women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus; a clinical cohort study. Journal of Health Psychology (in press).

*Contributed equally as last authors


Horsch, A. & Stuijfzand, S. (2019). Intergenerational transfer of perinatal trauma-related consequences. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 37:3, 221-223, DOI: 10.1080/02646838.2019.1629190


Quansah, D.Y., Gross, J., Gilbert, L., Helbling, C., Horsch, A.*, & Puder, J.J.* (2019). Intuitive eating is associated with weight and glucose control during pregnancy and in the early postpartum period in women with gestational diabetes mellitus: A clinical cohort study, Eating Behaviors, DOI: 10.1016/j.eatbeh.2019.101304

*Contributed equally as last authors


Jacobs, I., Charmillot, M., Martin-Soelch, C. & Horsch, A. (2019). Validity, reliability, and factor structure of the Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale-French version. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 10, 191. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2019.00191


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*Contributed equally as last authors


Sandoz, V., Bickle-Graz, M., Camos, V., & Horsch, A. (2019). Impact of maternal postpartum depression and posttraumatic stress symptoms on cognitive flexibility of very preterm preschoolers. Acta Paediatrica. DOI: 10.1111/apa.14712

Schäfer, S.K., Becker, N., King, L., Horsch, A.* & Michael, T.* (2019). The relationship between sense of coherence and posttraumatic stress: A meta-analysis. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 10(1) DOI: 10.1080/20008198.2018.1562839

*Contributed equally as last authors




Furuta, M., Horsch, A., Ng, E. S., Bick, D., Spain, D., & Sin, J. (2018). Effectiveness of trauma-focused psychological therapies for treating post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms in women following childbirth: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 9, 591.


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Garthus-Niegel, S.*, Horsch, A.*, Bickle Graz, M., Martini, J., von Soest, T., Weidner, K. & Eberhard-Gran, M. (2018). The prospective relationship between postpartum PTSD and child sleep: A 2-year follow-up study. Journal of Affective Disorders. DOI: 10.1016/j.jad.2018.07.067 *Contributed equally as first authors


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*Contributed equally as first authors


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