CRN Research Labs and Research Units


Director Research Laboratory
Dr. David Benninger Laboratory of Clinical Neurophysiology and Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation
Prof. Stéphanie Clarke Laboratory of Cognitive Science
Prof. Nicole Déglon, Dr. Liliane Tenenbaum Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Neurotherapies (LNCM)
Prof. Gilles Allali Laboratory for the exploration of memory in Neuroscience
Dr. Karin Diserens Laboratory of Acute Neurological Rehabilitation with Intensive Monitoring
Prof. Bogdan Draganski, Dr. Ferath Kherif, Dr. Marzia De Lucia, Prof. Antoine Lutti Laboratory for Research in Neuroimaging (LREN)
Prof. Renaud Du Pasquier and Prof. Caroline Pot Neuroimmunology
Prof Monika Hegi, Dr Andreas F. Hottinger Laboratory of Brain Tumor Biology and Genetics
Prof. Lorenz Hirt, Prof. Patrik Michel Cerebrovascular Diseases
Dr. Marie Théaudin Nerve-Muscle Unit
Prof Philippe Ryvlin, Prof Andrea Rossetti, Dr Jan Novy Laboratory of cortical excitability and arousal disorders (LE2C)
Prof. Andrea Serino MySpace
Prof. Jocelyne Bloch and Grégoire Courtine Neurorestore
Prof Roy Daniel, Prof Marc Levivier Laboratory of clinical neurosurgery research


Neuroscience Research Center:

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Tel. +41 79 556 97 74
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)