Directed by Prof. Andrea Serino


The main goal of the lab is understanding how the human brain builds a representation of the body in space, important for action and perception. To this aim, we will use different techniques from cognitive neuroscience, including psychophysics, fMRI, intracranial EEG recording, neuropsychology and neural network modeling to study the multisensory mechanisms of underlying the representation of Peripersonal Space (PPS). 

The My Space project, funded by SNSF under the SNSF Professorship scheme, includes 4 lines of investigation aimed at understanding: 1) how PPS is represented in the human brain (Integrating PPS); 2) how PPS representation is affected, by brain or spinal cord lesions (Disintegrating PPS); 3) how new robotic and virtual reality technologies shape PPS representation (Extending PPS); 4) how PPS mediates higher-level cognitive functions (Cognitive PPS).

To achieve these aims, the Lab will use cutting-edge technology in the field of virtual reality (by using the Reality substitution machine – Realism, and will need access to Neuroimaging facilities and different patients populations.


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