Dr Fridolin Zimmermann

I am a wildlife biologist with a broad interest in ecology, conservation and management of large carnivores occurring in multi-use landscapes. In particular in how large carnivores interact with each other, with their prey and with human activities to develop solutions to facilitate the cohabitation between large carnivores and human activities. My research interests are applied ecology, large carnivore conservation and management, threatened species, dispersal, landscape ecology, monitoring, camera-trapping, demography, population and community ecology. I am also interested in the capacity building of young biologists in large mammal ecology, monitoring, management, and conservation. In 2016, I co-edited a book on the use of camera traps in wildlife research.

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Coordinator of the large carnivore monitoring in Switzerland
KORA, Talgut Zentrum 5
CH-3063 Ittigen

Email : f.zimmermann@kora.ch

Website: https://kora.ch/en/