Dr. Jean-Luc Gattolliat

Since 1993, I am working with aquatic marcoinvertebrates with a special focus on Ephemeroptera. My primary interest was on the systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of one family of mayflies: the Baetidae. I have now extended my research field to other tropical faunas (especially South East Asia and Middle East) and possess a worldwide expertise of this group. I am primarily an alpha-taxonomist, having described more than 60 species and 8 genera. But I am also very interested in research combining morphological and molecular tools to elucidate phylogeny as well as phylogeography of Ephemeroptera. I am currently working on the problem of colonisation and speciation on different islands. Most of my research is done in collaboration with Michel Sartori.

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Musée de zoologie
Palais de Rumine
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Tel.: +41 21 316 34 78