Dr. Michel Sartori

I am particularly interested in any aspects of mayfly biology (Ephemeroptera). These aquatic insects are fascinating because of their ancient origin and peculiar life cycle, but also their morphology and ecology. They represent a wonderful tool for testing hypotheses in biogeography and evolution.
Together with Jean-Luc Gattolliat, we have a worldwide experience on this insect order (only 3’500 described species), and have international collaborations with teams in USA, Brazil, Thailand, North Africa, South Africa, and Germany among others. Currently, my interests are mostly focused on taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of mayflies in Southeast Asia.
At UNIL, I collaborate with Prof. Tanja Schwander on the evolution of parthenogenesis in Ephemeroptera (co-supervision of Maud Liégeois PhD thesis) and with Prof. Nadir Alvarez on phylogeography of mayflies in Papua New Guinea.

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