Dr. Michel Genoud

I am interested in how physiological traits affecting energy acquisition and allocation fit endothermic organisms. Energetics are therefore studied in an evolutionary context and with particular interest in their relationships with morphological, behavioural or ecological aspects. My research focuses on temperature regulation and thermal ecology, overwintering energetic strategies and hibernation, and energetics of reproduction. The patterns of physiological variation are examined at various levels, from the individual level to species assemblages extending accross broad taxonomic groups.  The main subjects of this research are small mammals (bats, mice, rats, voles, small primates) and birds. My approach is descriptive, experimental, and/or comparative.

Recent and present collaborations

  • Research group of Prof. Philippe Christe (University of Lausanne)
  • Karin Isler (University of Zürich)
  • Prof. Robert D. Martin (Chicago Field Museum, USA)
  • Prof. Raphael Arlettaz (University of Bern)

Selected references

Genoud, M., Isler, K., Martin, R. D., in press. Comparative analyses of basal rate of metabolism in mammals: data selection does matter. Biological Reviews.

Arlettaz, R., Nusslé, S., Baltic, M., Vogel, P., Palme, R., Jenni-Eiermann, S., Patthey, P., Genoud, M., 2015. Disturbance of wildlife by outdoor winter recreation: allostatic stress response and altered activity–energy budgets. Ecological Applications 25, 1197-1212.

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Genoud, M., 1993. Temperature regulation in subtropical tree bats. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 104, 321-331.

Genoud, M., 1988. Energetic strategies of shrews: ecological constraints and evolutionary implications. Mammal Review 18, 173-193.

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