Communicating Affect and Emotions Online

Workshop organisé dans le cadre du séminaire de Marcel Burger "Langages de la communication digitale".

University of Lausanne, Anthropole, Thursday 13 December 2018 13:00-18:00 Internef 129, Friday 14 December 2018 10:00-12:00 Anthropole 2120.

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Digital communication fosters different forms of affective communication and emotional sharing. Examples include the affective news streams online produced by professional and citizen journalists, the ‘storms’ of affective reactions to unfolding natural disasters, political crises, attacks, and the different types of emotional sharing in the face of death and mourning.  In these cases, networked users (re)create and participate to public, semi-public or private performances of emotion. Their practices end up reconfiguring public life, but also the nature of emotion. More specifically, in digital environments emotion is networked, i.e. it connects different people and groups and prompts further sharing. It is also mediated, i.e. transmitted and communicated via different media, and it is mediatized, in that it is submitted to, or becoming dependent on, the media and their logic, and increasingly also to the logic and affordances of social media.  This workshop focuses on different aspects of affective communication and emotional sharing in digital environments. It looks at how affect flows and circulates, how emotion is used as a resource for self-presentation, stance-taking and community-building online and explores the broader social and research implications of such uses and practices.


Korina Giaxoglou (The Open University London), Catherine Bouki ( University of Gent).


Marcel Burger, University of Lausanne.