Le mercredi 6 avril 2022, 19h00-20h30

Vidéo-conférence de Wendy Salkin, Université de Stanford, Clayman Institut for Gender research et Département de Philosophie

Why should those who speak for us be anything like us?

Conférence présentée dans le cadre du séminaire de Laura Delaloye Saillen "Genre et positionnement identitaire dans les discours de communication publique".

In this presentation, Prof. Salkin approaches the question posed in the title in two ways. First, she identifies, distinguishes, and critically examines a variety of historical and contemporary arguments that have been advanced in favor of, respectively, representation by people who share characteristics, experiences, or backgrounds in common with those they represent (descriptive representation) and representation by people who are members of the group they represent (member representation). Second, approaching the question from a different angle, she considers whether there are ever compelling reasons to allow for or even to prefer informal political representatives who are neither descriptively similar to nor members of the same groups as those they represent (nondescriptive nonmember representatives). As it turns out, in some cases there are compelling reasons to prefer representation by people who are neither members of the group they represent nor descriptively similar to members of the represented group.