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Our focus

Our main goal is to identify clinically relevant cancer specific Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) ligands that will guide the development of personalized cancer immunotherapy using mass-spectrometry (MS), currently the only methodology to unbiasedly identify HLA binding peptides that are presented in vivo to cytotoxic T cells.


Our projects

Proteogenomics and MS-based immunopeptidomics approaches to identify HLA ligands derived from tumor-associated proteins, mutated neoantigens, non-canonical ORFs and post translationally modified peptides.

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  • We developed a high-throughput and in depth MS-based immunopeptidomics pipeline that now enables robust and reproducible sample preparation and measurement of HLA/MHC class I and class II peptides. We are currently applying this methodology to identify tumor-associated ligands extracted from cell lines and tumor tissues from humans and mouse models. 
  • We have initiated fundamental discovery work to elucidate how tumor cells present antigens and what are the bases of tumor immunogenicity.
  • We are investigating the differences between tumor types in terms of antigen presentation and how drugs modulate the immunopeptidome.
  • In collaboration with the Vital-IT group (SIB), we have established a continuous bio-informatics pipeline enabling direct identification of neoantigens by combining genomic information derived from exome-seq analysis with measured immunopeptidomics data.
  • In collaboration with Gfeller Lab, we are improving the performance of HLA class I and class II binding prediction tools by training them with our measured immunopeptidomics data.
  • We apply proteogenomics approaches to identify personalized neo-antigens from patient tumor samples. These tumor-specific antigens will be further developed into personalized cancer vaccines or to enrich tumor-reactive and antigen-specific T cells for adoptive T cell-based therapies.


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Group leader
Human integrated tumor immunology discovery engine (Hi-TIDe)

Department of oncology UNIL CHUV
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne

Head of clinical mass spectrometry unit, Center of experimental therapeutics, Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)

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Phone +41 79 900 55 30



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Integrated proteogenomic deep sequencing and analytics accurately identify non-canonical peptides in tumor immunopeptidomes
Mar-2020 | Chloe Chong, Markus Muller... Michal Bassani-Sternberg


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