Translational radiopharmaceutical sciences


Within the framework of a KFS-funded (2021-2023) project (“RADIATION”), which is centered on the development of radiolabeled Diabodies for molecular imaging of distinct compartments of the tumor microenvironment of human tumors, Margret Schottelius' laboratory collaborates closely with the groups of: Dr Steven Dunn (Hi-TIDe : LAbCore immunoglobulin discovery and engineering: focus on diabody design), Pr Vincent Zoete (Computer-aided molecular engineering: focus on rational design of radiolabeling moieties) and Dr Melita Irving (Hi-TIDe : T cell engineering: focus on in vivo models for T-cell imaging). Another third-party funded collaborative project (“PREDICT”, San Salvatore foundation, 2021-2023) that aims to develop peptide-based radiotracers for imaging of immune checkpoint expression in vivo, is also built on the close interaction of Margret Schottelius' laboratory with those of Pr Vincent Zoete (in silico design and optimization of suitable peptide ligands) and Dr Melita Irving (in vivo models for T-cell imaging).


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