Hi-TIDe : LAbCore immunoglobulin discovery and engineering


Our focus

  • The discovery and development (research-to-GMP) of immunoglobulins of high potential therapeutic interest using a variety of formats (IgG, scFv-Fc, CAR, BiTE, TCR-like Ab etc).
  • Novel molecular strategies for targeting solid tumors
  • The basis of TCR/pMHC recognition and how best to assess/predict potential cross-reactivity of pMHC targeting agents. 


Our projects

  • Technology/methodology development for the efficient and effective isolation and optimization of ‘warhead’ binder molecules using phage-display library technology. How best to design and construct libraries and to subsequently screen and rank binders for downstream applications?
  • The establishment of a pipeline of novel CAR/BiTE molecules for experimental evaluation and clinical translation.
  • The Investigation of novel non-TCR scaffolds for the stringent and selective targeting of therapeutically relevant pMHC complexes.
  • The optimization and advancement of global LCR therapeutic monoclonal antibody candidates. Current examples are two potential ‘best-in-class’ anti-TGFb mAbs with exquisite selectivity for discrete TGFb isoforms. Such molecules will be investigated both as soluble IgG4 drugs and as potential TME modulatory secreted effectors in an engineered T cell context.
  • The discovery and development of novel TEM1-targeting antibodies. These will be investigated as IgG-ADCs, BiTEs, CARS etc. A collaborative program also involving nuclear medicine and tumor imaging groups. 



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New approach for the immunotherapeutic targeting of TEM1+ tumors

New approach for the immunotherapeutic targeting of TEM1+ tumors

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Steven DUNN
Group leader
Human integrated tumor immunology discovery engine (Hi-TIDe)

Department of oncology UNIL CHUV
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne

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Soluble trivalent engagers redirect cytolytic T cell activity towards tumor endothelial marker 1 (TEM1)
Jul-2021 | ...Steven Dunn

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