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Postdoctoral fellow

Research interest 

My current research focus is on the development of computational methods for single-cell biology. We are constructing high-resolution maps for several immune cell types, and analytical tools to study the transcriptomic and epigenetic phenotype of immune cells in cancer and infection.


After obtaining my PhD from the Technical University of Denmark with Pr Ole Lund, I worked in Pr Stephen Smale’s lab at the City University of Hong Kong and did a postdoc with Pr Morten Nielsen at UNSAM in Argentina. Throughout my research experience, I contributed to the development of bioinformatics tools for peptide-MHC binding prediction (NetMHC, NNAlign), immunopeptidome characterization (GibbsCluster, MS-Rescue), to the toolkit of the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB), and more recently in single-cell data analysis (STACAS, UCell, ProjecTILs). I joined the Carmona Lab in October 2019.  


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Postdoctoral fellow

Research interest 

I joined the Carmona lab in April 2022 to further our current understanding of T cell phenotypes in the context of cancer and infections. My postdoctoral work focuses on immune cell single-cell data integration, annotation, and mapping. My interest lies in understanding how to best construct and leverage such single-cell references. Ultimately, the ambition is to use these well-curated maps to understand immune cells in a wide range of contexts. Thanks to ongoing collaborations, we will focus on tumor-specific CD4+ T cell function and T cell metabolism in cancer.


I have a PhD in immunology from l'Institut Curie in Paris where I tackled immune-related questions using bioinformatics, especially using scRNA-seq and scTCR-seq data. During this time, I focused mainly on CD8+ T cell differentiation paths when these cells infiltrate tumors. I defended my PhD in March 2021 and then took up a position as research engineer at Mnemo Therapeutics, working on epigenetically modified CAR-T cells, until March 2022. 


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Santiago CARMONA
SNF Ambizione Fellow
Laboratory S. Carmona

Department of oncology UNIL CHUV
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne

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