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Incoming exchange students

The University of Lausanne offers students from more than 90 partner universities the opportunity to follow one or two semesters within its Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE). Six fields of study are proposed:

  • Geography
  • Environmental Science / Studies
  • Geology / Earth Science
  • Biogeosciences (at Master's level only)
  • Sustainability (at Master's level only)
  • Tourism (at Master's level only)



You would like to enrol in the FGSE ? Is your home university or faculty a partner of UNIL or FGSE ? Check our database of partner universities.

If not, you can attend UNIL as a guest student.


Courses selection

Bachelor level

The courses listed below are open to mobility students. The other courses of the Bachelor's degree program in geosciences and environment are subject to the prior authorization of the Faculty (Bachelor’s study plan)

Bachelor’s level courses are taught only in French.

For any question about your choice of courses in FGSE and to validate your learning agreement, please contact the Secrétariat Mobilité de la FGSE.

Master level

Master’s level courses are reserved for students with a Bachelor degree or equivalent degree.

Registration for the courses is subject to the prior authorization of the Faculty. Thank you for informing the Secrétariat Mobilité de la FGSE of your choices (Masters’ study plan).

Courses description and schedules

Follow this link for description of the courses > Click on « Course search » (top left).

Use this link for class schedule  > Click on « Free » (bottom right) or via « Course search » (top left).


UNIL uses ECTS credits. 60 ECTS credits represent one year of full-time study. Credits linked to a teaching unit (course or module) are only granted if the student passes the assessment for the unit concerned (written or oral examination, dissertation, continuous assessment, etc.). Exchange students must take a minimum of 15 ECTS credits per semester. However, we recommend that you do not aim for more than 30 credits per semester.


Courses registration and evaluations

Students must register for all programs and courses they want to follow as well as for exams within the deadline set by the faculty via the faculty’s Internet site.


Course evaluations take place during the semester for continuous assessments, reports and seminars. Oral and written examinations take place during the official sessions. (More information

Warning : if you have to take oral and/or written exams, you must be available to sit the exams during the official session. We do not organize earlier sessions for exchange students (except in case of force majeure duly justified and notified to the Secrétariat de la Mobilité FGSE within the first 4 weeks of the course).

Courses at the Master’s level are accessible only to Master level students.


At the end of the exchange

A transcript of the obtained grades will be sent directly to your home university.


Need help ?

The Social Affairs and Student Mobility Office is available to answer your questions regarding :

  • Your academic record
  • Your registration at UNIL
  • Your student card
  • Your username and password
  • Accommodation problems
  • Any organisational questions
  • More information

The FGSE's Academic counsellors will help you for any questions concerning the course contents. For any enquiries concerning the organisation of your studies in FGSE (enrolment, timetable, etc.) don’t hesitate to contact the Secrétariat Mobilité de la FGSE.


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