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The new Webmapping of FGSE expertises aims to improve the visibility of research. Intended for all audiences, this tool highlights the specificity of researchers, but also their integration in the institute or faculty.

On 27 October 2021, the "Chercheuses·eurs et thèmes de recherche" site is deactivated and the keywords present on this site are moderated and transferred to Unisciences. From this date onwards, you can manage your keywords by connecting to your personal Unisciences page.

You can pick your keywords from the available thesauri (originated from national or international organisations) or propose new ones, via the moderation. The keywords, in French and English, are divided into four distinct categories (Themes, Methods/Approaches, Locations, SDG: sustainable development goals).


Log in to Unisciences

To manage your keywords in Unisciences :

  • Click on the edition.png button at the bottom right of any Unisciences page,
  • Or go directly to Applications UNIL (Campus pratique > Intranet administratif).

Access is only possible from the UNIL Internet network. If you are connected to an external network, then first :


Add keywords


Good practice in choosing keywords

• Limit the total number of keywords to 12 (all categories combined).

• Enter at least one keyword in each category, if possible (Themes, Methods/Approaches, Locations, SDG: sustainable development goals).

• Do not use too generic (too broad) keywords (for example, prefer "Molecular Biology" to "Biology"; and "Structural Geology" to "Geology").

• Limit the number of highly specialised keywords. The aim is to highlight the links between people, groups and themes. Balance the keywords linking researchers with one or two more specific keywords.

• Do not hesitate to consult the Webmapping of FGSE expertises to see the keywords chosen by colleagues.

• Before proposing a new keyword, use the smart search to check that the term does not already exist in a similar form.

You will find Add.png button in the edit mode of Unisciences, immediately under the list of keywords.

Two situations:

  1. the keyword exists in the thesaurus. You just have to select it in the drop-down list: see below
    Add keyword via the thesaurus.
  2. the keyword does not exist in the thesaurus. You can propose it via moderation: see below
    Propose a new keyword.

1. Click on the button at the bottom of the "Contact" tab.



2. Find the right keyword in French or English through the smart search (change the language at the top right of the window)fr-en.png


3. Change the publication dates to manage when the keyword appears on your page.


4. The keyword will be visible on your Unisciences page from the next day and for the selected duration.